By Alyssa Browning,

Easy Storage Solutions 

COSSA Member


Getting started in the self-storage industry can be an overwhelming experience. There are so many things to worry about when starting your own business- especially when the business comes with its own set of problems and prizes. There is a wealth of information and sometimes it can be difficult to sort through it. Have no fear! Easy Storage Solutions- a software vendor for the self storage industry- has created a video series that gives new owners and managers the basic information on getting started. 

The series includes information on choosing the right self-storage management software, promoting your business through SEO and online marketing, and cloud access control. In addition, the series includes information about call management and accounting, tax and consulting services. The final section in the series talks about self-storage laws and maintaining compliance with them. 

There is also a 13 Page, downloadable PDF guide to getting started, so you can keep the information with you!
You can find each of the videos here:   Introduction
                                                                     Selecting the Right Management Software
                                                                     SEO & Online Marketing
                                                                     Managing Your Facility Efficiently
                                                                     Proper Access Control
                                                                     Accounting For Your Facility
                                                                     Compliance with Rules, Regulations, and Storage Laws

You can download the PDF guide here!    Good luck in getting started!