Big Easy

One of the many benefits of your membership is the opportunity to purchase the “Big Easy” package. The “Big Easy” is a file that includes the following documents:

  • State of Colorado Sample Rental Agreement (Revised 2018)
  • Required Office Sign
  • Colorado Self Storage Operational Forms (15):
  • 24 Hour Access Request
  • Abandonment Agreement
  • Authorization to Accept Deliveries
  • Authorization to Cut Tenant’s Lock
  • Automatic Payment Authorization
  • Business Addendum to Rental Agreement
  • Change of Address Form
  • Credit Card Payment Authorization
  • Disclaimer for Partial Payment
  • Intent to Vacate Notice
  • Lien Addendum to Rental Agreement
  • Motor Vehicle Registration Form
  • Returned Check Notice
  • Vehicle and Boat Storage Addendum
  • Waiver of Service Member Civil Relief Act Rights

You have the ability to customize the documents with your facility name, specific fees and charges applicable to your company.

The cost of the “Big Easy” is $300.00 for your first facility and $100.00 for each additional facility, with a maximum cost of $500.00 for all facilities.

If you would like to purchase one or multiple copies, please return the enclosed order form and sign and return the attached Rental Agreement and Forms Purchase Agreement and Release. The order will not be processed without the signed Release being returned and payment.  Payment can be made with through the Buy the Big Easy button, over the phone, or via check. When the forms and payment are received by COSSA, the "Big Easy" documents will be sent to you digitally.   The Rental Agreement and forms may not be shared or made available to any third party.

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Shelly Harris at 303-350-0070 or