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12/18/2020 - OpenTech Alliance:  Get exclusive access to their recently released 2020 White Paper, a comprehensive analysis of consumer trends in the self storage industry, providing data-driven, actionable insights to owners and operators.

8/13/2020 -  County Assessor Letters:  You may have received or will be receiving a letter from your County Assessor requesting specific income and expense information about your business.  This information, if supplied, can be used to determine your 2021 business valuation based on an income approach.  Please be advised that while the letter seems to imply you must comply with providing the requested information, whether or not you respond is entirely up to you as the providing of such information is strictly voluntary.  You should speak to your CPA or accountant about whether to provide such information, or not.   

Colorado Lien Law 

​Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) 2-328 - Sale by Auction

Argus Self Storage Advisors - Market Monitor


Changes to the 2021 International Building Code Affect Self Storage

With the support of its Code Committee, the Self Storage Association successfully pursued several key changes to the 2021 International Building Code. 

  1. An exception has been added to IBC Section 2902.3.3 to permit an increase in the location (to greater than every other floor) and maximum distance of travel (to greater than 500 ft) for restrooms.  The location and travel distance must be approved by the code official.
  2. The maximum allowable height of sprinklered facilities made of Type IIB materials (unprotected steel) and Type IIIB materials (noncombustible or fire-retardant-treated wood stud exterior walls and any interior construction) has been increased from 3 stories to 4 stories.  The Code continues to have total floor and building square footage limits. 
  3. Pursuant to modified IBC Section 903.2.9, storage facilities are exempt from the automatic sprinkler system requirement if: (1) the total fire area is 12,000 sq. ft. or less; (2) the combined total fire areas are 24,000 sq. ft. or less; (3) the facility is no greater than one story above grade plane; and (4) all storage spaces are accessed directly from the exterior. 

These changes go into effect as they are adopted by local and state governments over the next several years.  Prior to the adoption on the local and state level, storage developers can request that the code official rely on the 2021 changes as acceptable alternative methods of construction pursuant to section 104.11 of the existing International Building Code.

CO Secretary. of State - UCC Search (Prior Liens)

Free Public Records Online Search

ADA Requirements:  A Primer for Small Business

CO Dept. of Regulatory Agencies -Division of Insurance - Limited Lines Insurance - See Information on submitting paper or online application.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Colorado Dept. of Public Health & Environment / State Emergency Operations Center

Public Health Order - List of what will be open and closed

Sample Letter to Tenants 

Self Storage Association - News

Federal Leave Law.-  It includes the notice that every business with fewer than 500 employees must provide to all their employees

Inside Self Storage - Coronavirus Updates

Storable - Upcoming "Navigating Uncertain Times" webinars  (Previous weeks webinars)

COSSA - Suggested Best Practices

Colorado - Governor Jared Polis - ​2020 Executive Orders

SPECIAL NOTICE:  April 30, 2020:  Gov. Polis issues Executive Order #D 2020 051 Amending and Extending Executive Order D 2020-012 and D2020 031 Limiting Evictions, Foreclosures, etc.  Read more....

SPECIAL NOTICE:  April 10, 2020:  Mayor Michael B. Hancock takes additional measures to provide Denver property tax relief,  waiver of late interest, installment payment options extended.  Read more - "Denver Implements Additional Property Tax Relief Efforts for Residents, Businesses"

SPECIAL NOTICE:  On March 20, 2020, Gov. Polis issued Executive Order #D 2020 012     "I authorize the County Treasurers of the State of Colorado to take action to suspend or waive delinquent interest that may accrue pursuant to the provisions of § 39-10-104.5 as a result of delinquent tax payments. Any action by a Treasurer concerning such action shall be made available on the Treasurer’s website, electronic mail (if possible) and automated messages."   Consult your County treasurer website for information specific to your county.


October 21, 2020 - COSSA Membership Meeting

Presented by Ben Vestal, Argus Self Storage Advisors and Todd Mackintosh, Legal Counsel

August 28, 2020 - Adding Value with Tech and Transportation

Presented by Tommy Lulkovich, U-Haul Self Storage Affiliate Network

August. 13, 2020 - COSSA Discussion w/

Getting Back to Business.... Collections - Price Increases/Fees - Auctions WHAT NOW?


July 16, 2020 - Colorado State of the Colorado Self Storage Industry

July 9, 2020 - COSSA Discussion w/ Live Oak Bank

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